Agile coach camp finland

September 7-9 in Kaisankoti next to Nuuksio National Park near Helsinki Finland
Made possible by Agile Finland


What is ACCFI?



Open space conference around agile coaching,  facilitation and software development provided by Agile Finland


The weekend of September 7-9, 2018 from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunch


In the lovely Kaisankoti next to Nuuksio National Park, just a 1-hour bus ride from Helsinki city centre


ACCFI is sold out for now, but do drop us a line at if you would still want to join. We'll keep our fingers crossed that extra rooms appear.

Camp Schedule



(travelling to camp, 1 h bus from downtown Helsinki, 1,5 h from airport)

14:30 Rooms available

15 Welcome coffee

15:30 Camp opening

17:30 Dinner

19- Sauna and fun: fireplace, games, chats

22 Evening snack


8 Breakfast

9 Open space

12 Lunch

13 Open space

15 Coffee

15:30 Evening news

16:30 Reboot exercise (gym hall available)

18:30 Snack available

18:30- Sauna, swimming and chats

20 Dinner

22 Fireplace, games, chats

22 Goodnight exercise (yoga and such)


8 Breakfast, checkout

9 Open space

12 Brunch

13:00 Return journey (bus leaves 13:24, 1 h to downtown Helsinki, 1.5 h to airport)


What is open space?

We’ve all had those ‘magic moments’ at a conference where you meet the right person and have a wonderful conversation that is just perfect for you.

Open space conferences focus around having more of these moments.

How can we increase serendipity?

It might seem odd to say we can increase luck. But that exactly what we are here to do. Open space does everything possible to increase your chances of having magic moments. We know that they are here, and together we can find them.

Here’s some of the things we do:


More opportunities

Lots of spaces and time
More opportunities to find insights and people that you need

Broadcast topics of interest

Unlike normal conferences, at open space you can say
“I’m interested ____” and explore that area with others

Encourage movement

The right session is there, you just have to find it. Open spaces encourage you to move from session to session until you find the right place


Small groups of the right people allow for real and close connections to form. Open spaces put effort into making it effortless to connect to each other.

Are you the right attendee for an Open Space?


Excited about ideas?

Exploring the advanced edges of your career?

Speaker or leading, teaching or mentoring others?


ACCFI details

Agile Coach Camp Finland is a weekend retreat of brilliant, curious minds sharing and building knowledge together.

We give space for great things to emerge for people who help others get better in their thinking and doing - such as agile coaches / scrum masters, organizational / business coaches, consultants, tech coaches / seniors - to share in the form of an open space.

You are welcome to join us for in-depth discussions about developing software, people and organizations. You can try out new ideas, facilitation techniques, games, practice programming with katas and dojos, get advice on a burning problem of yours or even jam with a guitar, do yoga, or go on a hike together.

The camp takes place in Kaisankoti, Nuuksio near Helsinki. There is a good public transport connection, which takes about 1 hour from the center of Helsinki. A one-way ticket is € 5,50. We will provide detailed instructions on transportation when we get closer to the event.

The price includes lodging in double rooms and all meals during the weekend. There are a few single rooms available for extra charge.

ACCFI is sold out for now, but do drop us a line at if you would still want to join. We'll keep our fingers crossed that extra rooms appear.


As mentioned, we got the ticket price lowered thanks to our great sponsors who jumped onboard to help organizing the best agile coaching camp ever. A big warm thank you to each and every organization!


Nitor Delta was the first organization to jump in and made it possible to lower to camp ticket price from 370 to 360 e. Thank you guys!
About Nitor


Next up, Reaktor believed in the concept and brought the price from 360 to 350 euros. Way to go Reaktor, thanks!
More on Reaktor


Then we got news from Solita: they would also want to support ACCFI! So the price got from 350 to 340 euros. Greatful and humbled guys!
Get to know Solita


Next we got news from Neuro Leadership Group: they were in too! And whoop whoop, the ticket cost was not 340 euros anymore but 330. Kudos to you guys!
About Neuro Leadership Group


We thought that was that but no, also Sysart told they want to contribute to a lower ticket price! And from 330 to 320 euros it went. Glad to have you on board Sysart!
More on Sysart


And even that was not it! Codento grabbed us by the shoulder and told they want to help. This finishing touch made the price to be not 320 but 310 euros. Way to go Codento!
Get to know Codento



Want to join the eager bunch of camp organizers or chat about something else? Ping or any of us!


Andreea Cozma



Antti Kirjavainen




Daniel Wellner




Jussi Hölttä




Karoliina Luoto




Pascal Papathemelis



Ville Marjusaari