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What is ACCFI?

What is Open Space?

We’ve all had those ‘magic moments’ at a conference where you meet the right person and have a wonderful conversation that is just perfect for you.

Open space conferences focus around having more of these moments.

How can we increase serendipity?

It might seem odd to say we can increase luck. But that exactly what we are here to do. Open space does everything possible to increase your chances of having magic moments. We know that they are here, and together we can find them.

Here’s some of the things we do:

More opportunities

Lot’s of spaces & Time More opportunities to Find insights & people you need

Broadcast topics of interest

Unlike normal conferences, at open space you can say
“I’m interested ____” and explore that area with others

Encourage movement

The right session is there,
you just have to find it.
Open spaces encourage you to move from session to session until you find the right place


Small groups of the right people allow for real and close connections to form. Open spaces put effort into making it effortless to connect to each other.

Are you the right attendee for an Open Space?

ACCFI Details

Agile Coach Camp Finland is a weekend retreat of brilliant, curious minds sharing and building knowledge together.

We give space for great things to emerge for people who help others get better in their thinking and doing - such as agile coaches / scrum masters, organizational / business coaches, consultants, tech coaches / seniors - to share in the form of an open space. You are welcome to join us for in-depth discussions about developing software, people and organizations. You can try out new ideas, facilitation techniques, games, practice programming with katas and dojos, get advice on a burning problem of yours or even jam with a guitar, do yoga, or go on a hike together.

The event takes place 7.- 9.9.2018. The price of attendance is basically room and board for the length of the coaching camp and will be less than 400€.

We will open the registration during Spring 2018. There will be a limited amount of places: around 40.

If you are interested in joining ACCFI 2018, join our mailing list here to get updates on when the registration opens.

Join our mailing list to get updates!


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